What A Beach!

What A Beach!

July 1994, and the heat is on with Danni and Chloe in The Bahamas. "Chloe was wonderful!" Danni told SCORE's editor. "People always ask me what Chloe's like and one of the most attractive things about her is her voice. She has the sweetest voice. I'd go on a Cruise with her just to sit with her under the stars and hear her whisper sweet nothings in her German accent." As for Chloe, she took her intense physical and emotional pleasures from feeling and licking every inch of Danni, possessing and controlling her body while the cameras rolled.
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe
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5 years ago 
This is classic . . . two of the all-time greats on one beach. You really can sense the chemistry.

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