Score Tit-to-tit: Danni Ashe And Va

Score Tit-to-tit: Danni Ashe And Va

Danni hooking up with Valerie happened at the beginning of her association with SCORE. The jean-shorts cut up to their loins boiled the nut-bag of many tit-lovers and the memory continues to do so. Valerie and Danni sailed together on Boob Cruise '97. Danni is more of a day person while Valerie was more the night owl, drinking many of the passengers under the table. Valerie's fashion-model good looks and sleek body were much admired during her tenure with SCORE. During the Cruise, someone sneakily took a picture of his cock with her camera and then put it back before she knew it had happened. "I got home, developed all my film and there's a picture of somebody's dick! I looked at it and thought, Naw! I would have remembered that!" Valerie said when she got home from the trip.
Featuring: Valerie Fields and Danni Ashe
Date: July 22nd, 2021
Photos: 30

Member Comments

Back for a Loving Look ( Anonymous) such a strokers delight once you play you stay and never forget these two Danni
and Valarie are stunning makes Rocket go crazy so big so hard for D&V still a fantastic climax unforgettable
a nice walk on memory lane Thank you Score so squitalious :) xoxox
WOW, these babes are awesome...just what rocket loves boots, boots and more boots with those
gorgeous legs and those presious TITS pleasure is off the richter scale a downloader sure to have and to
hold forever

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