Danni Ashe & Lisa Lipps

Danni Ashe & Lisa Lipps

It was a study in contrasts when little Danni teamed up with super-amazonian Lisa Lipps. They both start off wearing sexy, cut-off denim shorts. We call that a tour-de-force. Danni and towering Lisa were shipmates on the first Boob Cruise in August, 1994 but it was Tawny Peaks and Lisa who posed together on the deck of the ship in a very erotic and intimate manner.

When it came time to think of sexy pair-ups later on land, this Danni and Lisa tit-session came to the minds of the SCORE photographers. It's not overly explicit by today's standards (no toys or penetration for Danni ever) and closer in spirit to sensual eroticism. However, for nipple licking and sucking and fingers spreading pussies, these photos rate high on the erection scale.
Featuring: Danni Ashe
Date: November 10th, 2022
Photos: 50

Member Comments

Fantastic nothing sweeter than Danni & Lisa enjoy each other Rocket goes into orbit working over time
for these two beauties so riveting so squitalious an incredible climax once you play you stay and never
forget WOW :) xoxox
The way Danni kneels before Lisa's huge tits and worships, crouching before her goddess, that has my cock pounding with cum in seconds. I am so glad you brought back this layout!

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