Danni in the Mangroves

Danni in the Mangroves

We'll tell you an interesting story about this photo set. It was originally published in February '96 SCORE, the Boob Cruise '95 issue. However, it was not photographed on the Boob Cruise. Danni's original photo set shot during BC '95 didn't make it back from the Caribbean, lost somewhere in transit. Before the edition went to press, Danni jetted from Los Angeles back to SCORE's Miami office. She and photographer Peter Wall drove to Key Biscayne and Danni posed among the mangroves for what turned out to be a very memorable shoot. This set was later republished in part in September '00 SCORE, the 100th issue. In 2004, Danni asked to borrow this pictorial so she could post it on her own site. It was her top choice out of all the SCORE sets she'd done! She just loves these pictures!
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5 years ago 
Love to see them so naked!

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