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What People Said About Danni

"Danni Ashe is a high-school drop-out, a model and an Internet businesswoman whose body and brains have made her a national cult figure. Next to Bill Gates she's probably enjoyed the computer boom more than anyone else!"- Wally Kennedy, Philly After Midnight, 11/11/98. "Danni Ashe has succeeded where Microsoft failed." -Roger Ebert, film critic, Yahoo Internet Life, May 1997. "The non-virtual Danni Ashe is lovely in person; self-assured, soft-spoken and endearingly feminine..." -Sirin, AVN Online, April 2000. "The most prominent female Web-porn entrepreneur is Danni Ashe, a gorgeous, highly articulate model..."-Patricia Pearson, Shift, October 1998.
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3 years ago 
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4 years ago 
This woman with Scoreland's help, came online naming her site Danni's Hotbox. She called all those masturbating to her pictures, to make it a way of life. Suddenly men all over the world wanted to get alone and get off with Danni. They obeyed the call of the 1st true tit goddess, stroking and cumming to her pictures, making her the most downloaded woman in history. Thank you Scoreland for the continuing flow of the greatest tits on earth. Giving tit worshipers such a pleasurable way of life!

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