Danni, Dream Lover

Becky Sunshine - Girl Girl Big Tits video
Your veteran editors love this pairing of Danni with Becky Sunshine, her close friend and booty call during the early '90s. Staying in a motel, Becky is unaware she is being watched by a heavy-breathing pervert as she lays in bed, her beautiful body clad in a sexy negligee. She skims through a copy of SCORE magazine (the November 1993 edition) and falls asleep dreaming of hot, busty babes. Danni materializes...is she real or a wet dream? Either way, what follows is one of the sexiest girl-girls they've ever done. They have made out with many other girls since this video but the erotic content of this encounter has rarely been equaled. They are perfectly suited to each other. Their gorgeous bodies complete each other. Danni tenderly slurps Becky's delicious pie-hole, savoring the taste and scent of Becky's womanly charms. Using fingers, tongues and nipples, they enjoy shuddering orgasms. 69, missionary, frontage...all of the sensuous positions of lezzie foreplay and mutual masturbation…

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6 months ago 


3 years ago 

It feels too good to stop >>>@

4 years ago 

The pussy licking is WAY ahead of its time, Danni is a LEGEND, she licks pussy PERFECTLY!!! This movie is PERFECTION!!!

5 years ago 

Thunderstruck said it all. Danni called it a Lifestyle back when she had her Hotbox site years ago and how many of us are still caught in this web of lust?

9 years ago 

never have I seen anything that made me cum like this... am in love with their hot genuine lesbian lust for each other and cannot stop masturbating to their naked gorgeous tit love... their lusty licking...kissing..tit sucking.....womanly tongue to tongue here...... ooohhhhh........i am cumming again.......

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