Chloe & Danni: Aqua Sex

Chloe Vevrier - Girl Girl Big Tits video
Continuing from Part one, after driving over to the location, stopping for breakfast, and then posing alone, Danni Ashe is cooling off her hot bod when Chloe Vevrier drops by the house. Walking over, wearing a tight orange dress and black pumps, Chloe is an instant erection producer. Turned-on, Danni eagerly suggests that Chloe join her in the pool. It doesn't take much persuasion to get Chloe to remove her shoes. She goes into the pool with her dress on, which is a very erotic sight. Chloe and Danni sensually kiss and make love immediately, their breasts pressed together in the cool water. Danni exults in sucking and kissing Chloe's nipples and fondling her boob-flesh. Chloe reciprocates just as passionately. These two are a perfect sexual match-up because they are so into each other in such a natural way. While Danni is the initiator of their Sapphic session, Chloe is the physically dominant partner in their carnal coupling, as she is in most of her female sexperiences. Running…
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe
Date: November 24th, 2008
Duration: 19:06

Member Comments

2 years ago 
such a dopamine rush
5 years ago 
This video is so erotic and exceptional.
5 years ago 
Wow! That was really erotic stuff.
6 years ago 
Danni and Chloe .. Phenomenally Beautiful .. How I long to have Danni 'flood' my throat ...

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