Breakfast With Danni

Danni Ashe - Solo Big Tits video
Now this is a rare video. If you are a Danni Ashe fan, you'll love this video shot near Palm Springs, California during the beginning of her career. Our camera hangs with Danni as she drives to the location where she'll be posing for a sexy vid-show. To have Danni as a chauffeur is a treat. How many of you like watching big-boobed pretty girls drive a car? Hard to find, right? Danni stops for a bite at a diner along the way. There's an old expression that will always be the truth. A well-fed model is a happy model. And most of us want happy models. Danni didn't expect the camera to stay on while she ate her breakfast but it was too tempting to not capture her inserting food into her mouth for posterity. Danni drew a lot of admiring attention in the restaurant with her denim cut-offs and tight tank top, except for the waitress who looked jealous. You know how women can get when they see a bosomy hottie. Appetite satiated, Danni drives on to the location. She gets cute along the way,…
Featuring: Danni Ashe
Date: November 4th, 2008
Duration: 26:23

Member Comments

2 years ago 
danni made big beautiful tits and daily cockstroking a way of life
6 years ago 
Women in jeans and women out of them. It's like Inception. Once it's in, it's in.
6 years ago 
shes so beautiful

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